Kabbalah Jewelry

Red String Kabbalah BraceletThe Kabbalah, that mystical segment of Jewish studies that is supposed to give explanations as to the relationship between the spiritual and the physical, is now a popular theme for a variety of jewelry pieces. A considerable amount of charms, amulets and other items are being marketed as Kabbalah Jewelry. These items vary in design as well as cost, with some of them being made of gold, silver and other metals such as pewter, and incorporating precious and semi-precious stones (In the picture a Red String Kabbalah Bracelet)

The popularity of these items is well known as many of them are alleged to bring the wearer good health as well and happiness and prosperity. Not only Jews, but many non Jews, including movie stars, entertainers and celebrities are seen wearing Kabbalah jewelry.

72 Names of God Red BraceletDesigns for these charms are varied and can be extremely simple, such as the well known Kabbalah "Red String" which is in reality nothing more than a braided red string with perhaps a small charm such as a heart included. Many types of jewelry said to be derived from Kabbalah symbols are said to give protection against evil, otherwise known as the evil eye. These charms may include a palm known as a Hamsa or Hamesh (five) in Hebrew with an open eye in the center or the 72 Names of God bracelets for example which include a charm for every purpose - protection, success, health and so on (pictured here is the MIZZE 72 Names of God bracelet for protection). The five fingers are to symbolize the five books of the Torah, Judaism's most sacred book of laws. The eye in the middle is the 'All Seeing Eye' or Eye of the Almighty, said to be always on the lookout against the forces of evil.

Red String Kabbalah Hamsa BraceletThe 'Bendel' Kabbalah bracelet is composed of the braided red string with gold or silver interlocking weaves. Charms included can be the heart, Star of David, Chai (meaning life) and the Hamsa Hand charm.

Other Kabbalah themed designs include ones like the one shown above which consists of the Star or David of hexagram inside a circle. The Star represents the six days of the Creation, with the seventh day or Shabbat in its center. The meaning refers to when God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is upon the earth, in six days, then rested on the Sabbath. The circle around the star refers to complete circle of life itself, i.e. from birth to death (In the picture a Red String Kabbalah Silver Bracelet with Hamsa)

Other well known Kabbalah symbols include Pomegranates, one of the five ancient biblical fruits, Fish Amulets (purported to bring good luck and prosperity), and Hebrew letters, each of which has a special Kabbalah designation. For example, the letter Aleph refers to traits such as independence, leadership, and originality. The two letters Youd and Aleph, when joined together, refer to one who has traits of creativity, vision and inspiration.

The many varieties of Kabbalah inspired jewelry available online have something to offer all purchasers, and prices can vary from less than $20 to hundreds of dollars. It's not the price, though, but the symbolism that draws people to want to possess these mystical symbols of protection and good luck.

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