Hebrew Kabbalah Rings

Israeli Handmade Travelers Hebrew RingIf you have never heard of Kabbalah, chances are you have been living underneath a rock for some time. In just the last decade, the ancient form of Jewish mysticism has made a real comeback through the cables of Western popular-culture, with the help of the likes of Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Kabbalah seeks to reveal how the universe and life work while providing the right energy to create positive changes in our lives.

In these recent years, fashionable jewelry incorporating these key spiritual themes have become more and more popular and have given men and women alike the means to bear these unique amulets wherever they go. Bringing positive spiritual vibrations wherever they go, and showing their world their Kabbalistic pride.

I Am My Beloved Hebrew Blessing RingPopular themes for Kabbalah jewelry are Hamsa Hands, Sfirot, 72 Names of God inscriptions, as well as other Psalms and Prayers inscribed on various articles of Judaica and Kabbalah Jewelry.

Today I would like to talk about Kabbalah rings, specifically, that feature four different popular Kabbalistic motifs. There is the 72 Names Kabbalah Hebrew Ring, There is the "I am my beloved" Israeli made silver Kabbalah ring, the Israeli made traveler's prayer Hebrew blessing and last but not least, the spinning priestly blessing sterling silver Jewish ring.

Silver Kabbalah Peace Blessing RingFirst things first. The 72 Names of God is a powerful spiritual tool in Kabbalah. It is a key to luck, prosperity and blessing. All of these 72 different names, attributed to the Holy One are considered holy and unspeakable and provide for different powers. For instance, the Hebrew letters of Alef, Lamed and Dalet provide for protection against bad spirits and the evil eye. Kabbalah jewelry, and namely Kabbalah rings with the holy name of God combined of the Hebrew letters Samech, Alef and Lamed provide for success, prosperity and abundance. And look for the Hebrew letters of Mem, Hey and Shin for items providing for health and well being. All such variations are included in Kabbalah rings.

Many of the kabbalah jewelry and jewish jewelry items, especially rings have inscriptions of psalms and prayers in Hebrew from holy sources such as the bible - providing for blessings and protection in one's personal life and affairs.

The travel's prayer inscribed on kabbalah rings is often recited at the outset of a trip and is a perfect amulet for a safe personal or professional journey, pilgrimage, sojourn or other exploration. The Priestly blessing or Birkat HaKoanim is also often inscribed on Kabbalah rings. It is believed to strengthen ones spirituality and provide protection. How about a Kabbalah ring, inscribed with the biblical verse, "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine," from Song of Songs.

All of our Kabbalah rings are made in Israel. They are engraved silver bands with clean and classic designs, actually perfect for both men and women. The engraved silver band spins to show the verse, which is inscribed, on all of its sides. The rings are approximately 0.3" in width and available in sizes 6 through 12.